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An Open Letter to Publix on the Closing of Western Supermarkets

When I found out local Birmingham grocery Western Supermarkets was closing, I was pretty sad — a lot more sad than I would’ve been about another grocery closing. I don’t like when local stores close in general, and I have a lot of good memories involving Western in particular. But […]

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Giving Up Sugar: How to Do It and Why Anyone Would Want to

There are lots of reasons to give up sugar — to name a few, it’s a health disaster, it creates cravings that are arguably as strong as those to illegal drugs, and it can cause anxiety and insomnia. There are also a lot of reasons not to give up sugar […]

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Konmari Q&A: Your Questions

It’s been really fun writing about konmari this week, especially since it seems like the whole world is watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo and posting pictures of discarded piles of clothes on Instagram. That’s not a judgment — I really do like seeing it, and I think the fact […]

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What Can Netflix Teach Us about Tidying?

I’ve been writing about my experience with the Marie Kondo method this week partly because Netflix released Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a series based on her tidying method and her book. I really enjoyed watching (to be honest, binging) the show. Is watching as much fun if you haven’t […]

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Three Unexpected Benefits to Tidying with Marie Kondo

In the past couple of days, I’ve written about why the Marie Kondo method of tidying works so well for me and about one hack that made the process go much more smoothly. Today, I thought I’d share three benefits of following Marie Kondo’s advice that I didn’t expect before […]

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My Marie Kondo Hack: Set Aside, Don’t Throw Away

Yesterday, I wrote that a major part of making the Marie Kondo method of tidying work is following the process as closely as possible. Today, I’m contradicting myself (sort of). Because one of the things that made letting things go easier for me is that I didn’t totally let them […]

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Did Tidying Up Change My Life? Well, Actually, Yeah

When a book is titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I think we can be forgiven for being skeptical. “Life-changing” is a bold claim, and most self-help books fall way short of the mark. But, having gone through the process, I’ll admit — the Marie Kondo method of tidying […]

I Love Resolutions … but I Don’t Love Writing about Them

A New Year’s resolution literally changed my life: My decision to buy only from local stores from one year and to blog about it grew into my publishing a book, opening a bookstore, going on a bookstore tour, and ultimately meeting my husband (kind of). I love resolutions, and I […]