Tell Me Your Troubles

This week, several people sent me this great article on why booksellers matter, even in a world of online buying. It’s a good, short read, and I take it as a great compliment that our Church Street customers think of me that way. It also happens to be true. Yesterday, […]

Being a Hero Is Easier Than You Think

News broke this week that Barnes and Noble is closing a third of their brick-and-mortar stores. I know the idea of losing more bookshops is upsetting to a lot of people (I know because they’ve told me, and because my Twitter feed blew up with the news), and their sadness […]

Buy a Kobo, Save the World? Hey, Maybe!

So, here’s the thing: In the fight to keep people reading, and to make sure there continue to be good books to read, the forces of evil are against us. Amazon’s business practices are so dastardly that sometimes it seems like the company exists solely to destroy literature (not true […]

From Zero to Scary in 5 Seconds or Less

I’m a pretty ordinary girl, but I do have a few superhero-like qualities. I used to work at a newspaper (Superman, Spiderman, etc.). When I wear my glasses, sometimes people don’t recognize me. And lately, I’ve had a whole lot in common with The Incredible Hulk. Seriously, I’ll go from […]

Is It OK to Self-Publish through Amazon?

A few days ago, one of my favorite local bloggers (and customers), Javacia Harris Bowser, asked me to answer a few questions for her blogs, See Jane Write and The Writeous Babe Project. It was a lot of fun, but one of her questions was tougher than others: While I […]

Harry Potter and the Skeptical Reader

There’s no such thing as a loyal reader. Oh, we like to think we’re a pretty committed bunch … and when it comes to sequels and series, we are. But that’s loyalty to characters, not to authors. When a writer changes direction or tone, we’re suddenly skeptical. We tend to […]

Magic, Hope, and the Economics of Ebooks

When I first started thinking about ebooks, I was pretty excited. A magic tablet you can throw in your bag that has immediate access to every book you’d ever want? Sounds very Hermione-in-Deathly-Hallows to me. (In case you’ve somehow missed it, I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so that’s a […]

Penning and Pinning

Above: The covers of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, taken from the author’s Pinterest page. On the left is the American cover; on the right, the German cover of the same book. So, what do you think: Do authors belong on Pinterest? We know lots of readers who long for […]

Remembering Bradbury

Ray Bradbury said he writes, “so as not to be dead.” In context, his quote is about feeling alive through creativity. It’s about refusing to numb yourself, but instead doing work that requires passion and purpose. But the quote seems especially poignant today, because Ray Bradbury has died. He has […]

Judging Books by Their Covers: A-OK!

We’ve all heard it said: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While I agree with the metaphoric meaning of the phrase, I don’t think the maxim really applies to books anymore. Whether or not we like it, we’re a pretty visual society. We buy products based on pictures and […]

Peek into Pottermore

The latest big book news is all about J.K. Rowling, starting with last week’s announcement of the storyline of her first book that’s meant for grownups — The Casual Vacancy will focus on small-town politics and is scheduled for September release. But, of course, this won’t be the first book […]