Social Media Best Practices: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I don’t always have time to do what’s “best” for my social media and my blog. Sometimes, I don’t post because I’m busy doing other stuff. Sometimes my morning goes badly and the words don’t come like I wish they would, or the photo light is bad (the photo I […]

Pop-up Shops, Microloans, Feasts and Forests

The business of opening a business looks different than it used to. You don’t just have the option of opening a storefront anymore — you can do a pop-up shop, a farmers market, an event space. You can get your business off the ground with microloans and support it through […]

The Instagram Guide to Downtown Huntsville (on a Sunday)

Crowdsourcing can be a beautiful thing. This weekend, I tagged along with my friend Kelly for a work trip to Decatur. We ended up spending the night in Huntsville, and as two localists with a few hours to kill, we decided to try to spend those hours hunting down brunch […]

Is the Wicked Witch of the West Coast after the Rest of Us?

Sunday, the New York Times ran a front-page story about how Amazon treats its white collar workers, and reading it made me half horrified and half jealous. This is a company that punishes employees for having cancer or becoming parents. It’s a company that unapologetically tells their people to work […]

On Fear and Kickstarter

There are a lot of good things to say about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m a fan, since I funded The Localist book through Kickstarter. My Kickstarter didn’t pay for everything, but it did let me pay the people who helped me put the […]

Stuck in the Rain, No Coffee: Life Unfiltered at New England Mobile Book Fair

In an attempt to soothe my conscience about only putting the best part of life on Instagram, and to give everyone who supported The Localist book and tour a little more insight into the adventures you guys faithfully funded and followed me through, I’m sharing a few behind-the-scenes stories about […]

Sometimes, It’s Monday, and You Just Need a Win

It’s Monday morning, and I’ve already overslept, managed to get angry with a friend about something I’m pretty sure didn’t even happen, and messed up the coffee. Of course, I’ve also started a blog, made up the time I lost, and set my day back on track — but it’s […]

Reports of Hootsuite’s Instagram Integration Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Yesterday, I saw reports that Hootsuite was introducing post scheduling for Instagram, and I was kind of excited … and a lot worried. See, Instagram has always been pretty annoying to use for business or for promotion of, say, a little book called The Localist. A Hootsuite integration was a […]

Secret Stages: A Little TOO Secret?

I have no aptitude for maps, directions and logistics. Ask me to sort out a complex storyline or convoluted economic theory and I’m fine, but tell me to “head west,” and I’m suddenly a total mess. This leads to a bit of a problem with me and city festivals like […]

Volunteering Is Its Own Reward: But Free Coffee Certainly Helps

Okay, okay. I know there’s a lot of great stuff happening in Birmingham, and I’m excited about that. But as much as Birminghamians are willing to get out and support new restaurants and local businesses, we’re not always as willing to volunteer to help where we’re needed. Most of us […]