Carrie Takes on the Wild, Wild West

I’ve never been a fan of Westerns. I’m all for a good shoot-out, a drink slid along a bar, or a really awesome pair of cowboy boots, but there’s just something about the genre that I can’t stomach. Maybe it’s because my mom pre-empted my Saturday afternoon television with Bonanza […]

The Great Escape — Books You Can’t Put Down

Last weekend, I got to spend a few relaxing hours at my grandparents’ house, drinking coffee, looking out at the lake and reading Murakami. Next to me, my cousin Bekah was completely immersed in reading Twilight. She read with me on the porch, but she also read while the rest […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Historical Fiction

So … I’ve always kind of hated historical fiction. I just don’t think it’s fair to assign make-believe ideas and events to real people’s lives — I know I’d like to be judged by what I do, say and write instead of by what people imagine about me. Besides, there’s so much well-written history […]