invention of hugo cabret

On the Bookseller’s Bookshelf: Hugo

Yesterday while shelving books, I happened to mention that I was thinking of seeing Martin Scorsese’s new movie, Hugo. This statement had the effect of conversation dominoes — one after another, people from every single table in the full cafe chimed in to tell me they’d seen the movie and […]

bless the space between us

Got the Turkey? Don’t Forget the Blessing.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the mashed potatoes. But my favorite part of a family Thanksgiving meal are the moments right before we eat, when we stand around the table in a circle, hold hands, and wait for my grandpa to ask one of us to pray. Holding […]

mr chartwell hunt

On the Bookseller’s Bookshelf: Mr. Chartwell

Mr. Chartwell is the story of a human-sized, talking black dog that moves in with a polite English librarian, destroying her sheets and garden and teapots. The dog’s name is Mr. Chartwell — or, as he prefers to be called by “friends,” Black Pat. To make things even weirder, Black […]

when she woke jordan

On the Bookseller’s Bookshelf: When She Woke

I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to decide whether or not to recommend When She Woke to our customers. On one hand, it’s a quick, thought-provoking read that pulls you into its world within the first few pages. It would make a fantastic book club selection because there are […]