storytelling animal

Storytelling … What’s the Point?

My life revolves around stories. I read them, I write them, and I spend my days selling them. Selling books is an uphill battle right now (ebooks, Amazon, recession, etc.), but still I trudge into work every day, determined to help someone find a story that will help them see […]

shadow and bone

Book Review: Shadow and Bone

I’m the first to admit that I like a bad-boy-turned-good (but not so-good-he’s-boring) book. If you think I’m alone in this, get back to me after you’ve taken a look at the bestseller lists. On the other hand, I know it’s a fantasy. In real life, when a guy’s controlling […]

Remembering Bradbury

Ray Bradbury said he writes, “so as not to be dead.” In context, his quote is about feeling alive through creativity. It’s about refusing to numb yourself, but instead doing work that requires passion and purpose. But the quote seems especially poignant today, because Ray Bradbury has died. He has […]