Magic, Hope, and the Economics of Ebooks

When I first started thinking about ebooks, I was pretty excited. A magic tablet you can throw in your bag that has immediate access to every book you’d ever want? Sounds very Hermione-in-Deathly-Hallows to me. (In case you’ve somehow missed it, I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so that’s a […]

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Bored with Books? Say It Ain’t So.

I have a confession to make: Sometimes, I’m not in the mood to read. Books are my favorite hobby, and they’re also my job. But “real” life (I mean, the life that doesn’t require bookmarks and consist of wizards, plot twists and lovers quarrels) sometimes gets in the way. Like […]

Penning and Pinning

Above: The covers of┬áThe Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, taken from the author’s Pinterest page. On the left is the American cover; on the right, the German cover of the same book. So, what do you think: Do authors belong on Pinterest? We know lots of readers who long for […]