From Zero to Scary in 5 Seconds or Less

I’m a pretty ordinary girl, but I do have a few superhero-like qualities. I used to work at a newspaper (Superman, Spiderman, etc.). When I wear my glasses, sometimes people don’t recognize me. And lately, I’ve had a whole lot in common with The Incredible Hulk. Seriously, I’ll go from […]

is everyone hanging out without me kaling

Nail Polish, Feminism, and a Good Weekend Read

A few weeks ago (Was it weeks? My time management is really poor lately), I read a really offensive article on Jezebel attacking the “women child” — a Katy Perry-type woman who still likes girly things like sparkly nail polish, pictures of pandas, and The Hunger Games. Basically, this blog […]

Is It OK to Self-Publish through Amazon?

A few days ago, one of my favorite local bloggers (and customers), Javacia Harris Bowser, asked me to answer a few questions for her blogs, See Jane Write and The Writeous Babe Project. It was a lot of fun, but one of her questions was tougher than others: While I […]

whered you go bernadette semple

LOL Books: Where’d You Go, Bernadette

I’ve been reading a lot of long, emotionally heavy books lately, plus I’ve been kind of overloaded with work stuff (a lot of good stuff, but a lot of stuff, nonetheless). So I went looking for a book that’s light and funny, but not so light and funny that I’d […]