Buy a Kobo, Save the World? Hey, Maybe!

So, here’s the thing: In the fight to keep people reading, and to make sure there continue to be good books to read, the forces of evil are against us. Amazon’s business practices are so dastardly that sometimes it seems like the company exists solely to destroy literature (not true […]

Writing on Film: Ruby Sparks and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Last week, a customer asked me what the difference is between Fiction and Non-fiction. (Surprised? This happens more often than you’d think.) The easy, mnemonic device to remember this is “Fiction is fake,” and that’s what I told her. But that’s not really what I believe. I think Fiction is […]

Paper Doll H.G. Wells Wants to Give You Free Books!

Paper Doll H.G. Wells goes extraterrestrial in his alien costume.   Think getting books from a paper doll is weird? Well, Paper Doll H.G. Wells thinks you’re weird! But, weird or not, you probably still want a free book. To win, just leave a comment here or on our Facebook […]