Being a Hero Is Easier Than You Think

News broke this week that Barnes and Noble is closing a third of their brick-and-mortar stores. I know the idea of losing more bookshops is upsetting to a lot of people (I know because they’ve told me, and because my Twitter feed blew up with the news), and their sadness […]

warm bodies marion

Zombies in Love: They’ll steal your heart and eat your brains

Here’s what happens in Warm Bodies, more or less: A zombie named R falls in love with a human girl, and that love starts bringing him back to life. In fact, this love is so powerful that infects more than just R — lots of other zombies start to wake […]

Read Your Way to Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolution was to take more stupid pictures of myself. Clockwise from top right: Running with the Mind of Meditation, The Happiness Project, The Power of Habit, The Great Oom and Yoga Bitch, What I Talk about when I Talk about Running, Drop Dead Healthy. New Year’s Day […]