For the Love of Books

We had such a great time last week sharing books with the city of Birmingham through Bookstravaganza. Here are a few highlights shared with us by some of the contest winners. Want to share your picture or story from the Scavenger Hunt? Send us an email at Thanks again […]

Murder and Mystery Come to Church Street

Author Jenny Milchman and Church Street co-owner Cal Morris discuss books.   Here’s the dream formula for an author event at a bookshop: Engaging author + good audience = great conversation. Sometimes, the reality doesn’t live up to what you’ve imagined, but Monday night’s conversation with author Jenny Milchman was […]

Happy World Book Night!

World Book Night books at our launch party, ready to be picked up and given away for free!   We’re having a great week at Church Street this week, because it’s all about books … and we really love books. All our Bookstravaganza action is inspired by World Book Night, […]

On Your Mark, Get Set … Scavenger Hunt!

  It all started with a mystery … well, a mystery author. When Jenny Milchman, author of murder-mystery Cover of Snow, said she’d be coming in town on Monday, we jumped at the chance to sit down with her and ask her all about writing, reading, and her twisted (um, […]

Movie Trailer Monday: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire trailer premiered yesterday, and it looks like this one will be even more intense than the first one! We’re excited to see our favorites back in the sequel, and we can’t wait to see the whole movie. Until then, here’s a taste …   Are […]

life after life atkinson

Again and Again and Again: The Brilliance of Life after Life

Life after Life is the story of a girl, Ursula, who’s born just before World War I and lives through World War II, who experiences so much that it can hardly fit into one life. In fact, it doesn’t fit into one life. You see, Ursula has this little quirk: […]

Movie Trailer Monday: Great Gatsby

We have to admit — we’re skeptical about the new movie version of any classic novel, and since The Great Gatsby is (arguably) the classic American novel, the new version coming to theaters May 10 has us more than a little concerned. On the other hand, director Baz Luhrmann has […]

lean in book sandberg

Lean In: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Read It

A woman walks up to the counter to order a latte and sees a copy of Lean In, the book its author describes at “a sort-of feminist manifesto,” displayed at the register. She wrinkles her nose a little, and says to the man she’s with, “That book says women should […]