Shopping Small at Bici Coop

I see cyclists riding up to bars and shows while the rest of us drive, and they look so happy. I don’t ride my bike much — I’m pretty sure I look stupid, and I’m not very fast. And my old bike looked kind of dumb. But cyclists don’t look […]

When Blurbs Kill the Book: Reading the Silent Wife

The back of The Silent Wife screams: “Suspense! Suspense! Suspense!” There’s the comparison to Gone Girl, which is so overused that it’s almost required on any new book involving marriage and murder. Then there are the reviews by other respected mystery authors: “Better than Gone Girl,” says Sophie Hannah “Left […]

Social Media Is My Frenemy

I’ve been called a social media expert: This and Birmingham News story called me a “digital muse,” and local social media guru Wade Kwon wrote about me in his ebook, Social Media Stars of Birmingham. I’m consistently asked to participate in social media contests to “prove” my social media […]

Movie Trailer Monday: The Book Thief

We’ve read the book, and now we’re ready for the November movie release of The Book Thief. This is one of our favorite books at Church Street, and, as our barista Michelle says, “My feelings will be really hurt if they mess this up.” When a book morphs into a […]

Your Company’s Core Message

[ted id=848] In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, he says that what makes a client or customer buy into a company is not what the business does or makes, but the philosophical message at the company’s core. In other words, customers don’t care as much about […]

bone season samantha shannon

Bone Season: a story of magic and romance. Sound familiar?

The hype on Bone Season is this: It’s like a mix of Harry Potter and Twilight. As a bookseller, that kind of marketing is supposed to get me excited, but mostly it makes me roll my eyes. I want a novel, not a weird publisher science experiment, test tube fiction […]

i want to show you more quattro

Short Stories That Don’t Suck: I Want to Show You More

I didn’t want to read I Want to Show You More. It’s hard to write a good short story — it’s even harder to write a book full of them — and most writers can’t do it. A lot of the modern short story collections I’ve read include one or […]