Snow Stories: Books to Read when You’re Trapped inside

  Judging from the conversation with our customers at the coffee shop this morning, Alabamians crossed the line from snowed in to stir crazy sometime in the last day or so. What to do when you’ve exhausted the kid-friendly Netflix and need a break from family time? The answer, of […]

everything that remains minimalists

Meet the Minimalists

In a couple of weeks, Church Street is bringing post-capitalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, a.k.a. The Minimalists, in for a conversation about living with less. We like Joshua and Ryan because they aren’t preaching an agenda, or pretending to have all the answers, or pushing some kind of […]

Minimalist Men Invade Church Street

  Once you’ve read the minimalist memoir Everything That Remains, the authors ask that you “remember to minimize it once you’re finished — pass it on, donate it, or sell it.” It’s not every author that asks the readers to give their books away instead of buying more copies — so […]

February Social Media Workshop Now Open!

I’ve had such a great time teaching the first two Pop-Up Workshops, and I’m excited that I’ve already had lots of inquiries about our next event. I’ll be back later this week with details about what went well in the January workshop, but I know some of you are itching […]

Hate Blogging? Make It Less of a Chore

In my experience, blogging — or, really, any sort of writing — is never exactly easy. But having a routine to help you get your thoughts down can really help. Here are a few tips that I share with clients to make the process a lot easier and help the […]

Blog Topic Bingo

The first thing you discover when starting a blog? Blogging is harder than it looks. It can be difficult to come up with topics for blogs, or to narrow down your vast knowledge of your field into the short paragraphs that make up a blog. The good news is, blog topics […]

I Want to Teach You My Social Media Secrets!

Because social media is, well, social, it’s also individualized. Your Facebook page is going to look different than mine for obvious reasons (you probably don’t have as many selfies of my face on your page …  I hope). In business, it’s the same — my business’s Instagram is going to […]