this is where i leave you tropper

Lost Boys on Film: This Is Where I Leave You

Wondering what happens to lost boys when they grow up? Jonathan Tropper will tell you. The men in his stories are broken in such realistic ways that you can’t help but recognize them as your friends, or your brother, or your dad. (Or yourself.) So casting Jason Bateman in the […]

Why I Have a Crush on Jason Segel — and You Should, Too

“I’m a 34-year-old man with a house full of puppets,” Jason Segel said to me and a huge group of children’s booksellers at the BEA breakfast this morning, “so it occurred to me that I might feel at home in a room full of people who love children’s books.” Jason […]

Choose Your Own (Book Conference) Adventure

This morning, I had breakfast with Neil Patrick Harris. Well, kind of. Really I sat in the back of a BEA conference room sipping coffee and eating a protein bar while Neil stood on stage talking about his new biography, but I’m counting it. Neil, unsurprisingly, was brilliant. And even […]

Book Nerds Unite! Representing Birmingham at Book Expo America

What’s better than a trip to New York? A trip to New York that includes author sightings, book nerdery, and lots of free books — so I’m packing my bags next week and leaving Alabama for BEA, the biggest book conference in the U.S.   I’ve been to Book Expo […]