Quick Lunches and Stupid Good Ideas

Today is a day of gloom and wintery mix (whatever that is), but yesterday was a day for a picnic. Once the rain cleared, all I wanted to do was sit outside, have a lazy lunch and pretend that it was Saturday. Sadly, it was Wednesday, which meant I barely […]

Crowdfunding, Community, and Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Very few people care as much about community and art as much as Laura and Caleb Chancey do. They started a music venue to spotlight local musicians and to bring acts they love to Birmingham. Laura spent so much time baking and delivering delicious treats to pretty much everyone she […]

It’s Our Birthday, and We Want to Give You Presents!

My train tour starts this Friday, and I won’t be back to Birmingham until … Sunday. It’s not because the trip is that short (the trip from New Orleans to New York on Amtrak is many things, but short isn’t one of them). It’s because geography (and Amtrak, I guess) […]

All Aboard! The Localist Train Tour Starts Friday!

Photo by Morgan Trinker This Friday, I’m going to hop an Amtrak train to New Orleans and start a Localist book tour that stretches into the middle of April and takes me all the way to New York … and I’m very excited. I love the romantic idea of traveling […]