Secret Stages: A Little TOO Secret?

I have no aptitude for maps, directions and logistics. Ask me to sort out a complex storyline or convoluted economic theory and I’m fine, but tell me to “head west,” and I’m suddenly a total mess. This leads to a bit of a problem with me and city festivals like […]

Volunteering Is Its Own Reward: But Free Coffee Certainly Helps

Okay, okay. I know there’s a lot of great stuff happening in Birmingham, and I’m excited about that. But as much as Birminghamians are willing to get out and support new restaurants and local businesses, we’re not always as willing to volunteer to help where we’re needed. Most of us […]

Life Unfiltered: The Real Story Behind Perfect Instagram Posts

I keep seeing stories about how different our social media lives look from our real lives — how the filtered photos we see on Instagram and Facebook are harmful because they make us jealous of our friends and unhappy with what’s happening in our own lives. But this is a […]

Should We Take a Sledgehammer to the Internet?

Yesterday, I spoke at Innovation Depot to a room full of entrepreneurs about blogging. I told them how to turn content they’ve already created into blogs, how to create a team of staff writers, how to use keywords to get noticed on Google, and how to use social media to […]

What’s Happening in Birmingham This Weekend?

What’s going on in the Magic City this weekend? Not nearly as much talk of wizardly worlds and fairy kingdoms and you might imagine from our “Magic City” nickname (unless you want to head out to Books, Beans & Candles), but there are lots of events for us Muggles to […]

It’s Amazon’s 20th Birthday! As Usual, I’m Being a Party Pooper

It’s Amazon’s 20th birthday today, and as usual, I’m being negative about them. (But hey, I’m wearing a party hat — that’s got to count for something!) Lots of us think of Amazon as a magical wizard who brings treats to our doorstep, but actually they’re pretty destructive. But in […]

Garden & Gun’s Made in the South: Entries Due Tomorrow!

Yesterday we talked about the best local shops in Birmingham, and that got me thinking about local products, and that got me thinking about Garden & Gun’s Made in the South Awards. Okay, that’s a lie — I got to thinking about the Made in the South awards because they’re […]