How to Choose a Book for Vacation

It’s hard to find time to read. We have about a million other things vying for our attention, and those things tend to beep and chirp and tweet whenever they don’t get it. I get paid to read stuff (I’m a book reviewer, and I used to be a bookseller), […]

Why I’m Not Afraid of Donald Trump as President (and Why I Also Kind of Am)

I don’t want Donald Trump to be President, and I plan to use my vote to prevent it from happening. But if it happens anyway, I’m not planning on grabbing my passport and running off to Europe or becoming an off-the-grid mole person or something. Because Trump becoming President doesn’t […]

Shipt & Western Are BFFs and We’re All Winners!

Life is full of hard stuff. Real, important stuff like career obstacles, relationship troubles and the impending sense of mortality that defines human existence. But life is also full of stuff that’s not that hard, but is still a bummer — stuff like flossing, grocery shopping, talking our parents through […]

Handling Social Media Posts You Hate

It sucks to get slapped by social media. I don’t mean targeted personal attacks (although I know about those, too) — I’m talking about what happens when you’re scrolling through Facebook just to decompress and see a post that challenges your worldview, and not in a good way. Maybe it’s […]

assistants perri

The Assistants by Camille Perri Review on BookPage

It’s clear where Camille Perri is trying to go in this Robin-Hood-meets-chick-lit story, and she hits all the highlights of living New York and drinking too much and being catty with girlfriends from work. What she forgets, though, is relationship and fun — The Assistants attempts both but didn’t do […]