alabama i voted sticker and coffee

Free Coffee (& Tea & Chocolates) for Birmingham Voters

Obviously, we’re voting for the thrill that comes with being good citizens and to make real and lasting change in our country and our world … but when you take a day that’s already a bit overcast and gloomy, add an extra errand into an already busy schedule, and then […]

The Super-Last-Minute Guide to Voting in Alabama

I’m not going to waste your time giving you the “please vote” spiel because you’re already getting it everywhere else. But what if you want to vote, but you’re not actually prepared to vote? Like, you don’t know who’s on the ballot or how to choose between the candidates? I’m […]

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How to Start a Weekend Reading Practice

There are lots of good reasons for wanting to incorporate reading into your weekends — it’s a way to relax while actually learning something (and yes, we learn from fiction, too — we develop empathy from putting ourselves in the place of others, and we learn creativity by using our […]

book with coffee

Reading Isn’t What It Used to Be — It’s Harder

Isn’t it lovely to imagine curling up with a book? And isn’t it difficult to actually do it? As a book person (book reviewer, former bookstore owner, etc.), I’m probably not supposed to admit that actually reading a book is anything less than a perfect experience of being magically transported […]

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Blogs Are All Grown Up … and Boring

The very first time I planned a blog, I was excited. The whole thing seemed full of possibility. I might become famous! I might get a book deal! I might discover new things about myself and about the world! The very first blog I wrote was a lot of fun. […]

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Seriously Considering Blogging Like Crazy

November, apparently, is the month for writing bonanzas. There’s Nanowrimo, where the goal is to write an entire novel (well, a draft of one) in a month. And my friend Javacia runs this wonderful writing group called See Jane Write; every November, they do a promotion called Blog Like Crazy […]