Looking for Your New Book Club? Join Church & Oak!

CRIf you love books, our Crestline neighborhood really can’t be beat. You can buy some great titles from our shop on Church Street, and take a two-minute walk to Oak Street to see our neighbors at Emmet O’Neal Library. I have to brag for a second and point out that we both have amazing, well-read staffs. We all love books. And, although we’re book nerds, we aren’t hide-in-a-corner-with-a-cup-of-tea book snobs (well, mostly). We’re more read-a-book-have-a-beer-than-catch-a-show-on-Netflix kind of book people. Instead of welcoming hard-core readers only, we’d rather be able to connect all people with books that they’ll love — even if those people don’t already love books.




So I’m really excited that Amanda from Emmet O’Neal had the idea of joining the forces of the library and the bookshop with a co-sponsored book club. (Does that make us the Justice League of book clubs?) We’re called Church & Oak, after our respective streets, and we’re looking for new members. Yes, we want book lovers, but we also want people who don’t read much, and people who’ve never been in a book group before but are interested in trying it. (And people who want free cookies — we’ll be providing mini Breakup Cookies to Church & Oak members.)


We’re picking new(ish) books that we think will lead to good discussions. Nothing in hardcover, and nothing too long — all our books are paperback (to be budget-friendly) and around 200 pages (meaning you won’t use all your free time attacking a 500-pager). We’re going to mix fiction and non-fiction, and, although we’re serious enough to want our members to actually read the books (or at least give it a good shot), we’re not going to be picking difficult literary fiction that only book snobs understand.


First up? Orange Is the New Black. Before this was a Netflix show that everyone was watching (seriously — everyone seems to be watching), it was a book that got widespread acclaim and brought attention to the problems in America’s prison system. We’ve heard the book is eye-opening, but also be a great read, and that’s exactly the kind of book we’re looking for.


All you have to do to join is read the book and show up to our first meeting on Thursday, October 3 at 6:30 p.m. in Church Street’s upper room. Orange Is the New Black is available at Emmet O’Neal if you’re quick, or at Church Street, where we’re offering a 10% discount this month (remind the barista at checkout). Or you can download it right now using this link — books bought through this website benefit Church Street, and they’re readable on just about any smartphone or tablet.


You can always check the Book Clubs link on our site for the current book selection and meeting times, or visit Emmet O’Neal’s site for the same information. Hope to see you at book club!


Carrie Rollwagen is co-owner and book buyer at Church Street Coffee & Books, an independent bookstore and coffee shop in Birmingham, Alabama.











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