Can a Book Club Change the World?

The short answer? Yes! Two of our customers, Caroline and Anna Cate, read the book Half the Sky a few months ago in their mother-daughter book club. They were so moved by the tragedy of human trafficking that they wanted to help — and they started their own organization, 100 for Adama, to do just that. They want to literally change the world, one dollar, one girl, and one community at a time.


Caroline and Anna Cate bought their copies of Half the Sky from Church Street, and we’re honored to have a small part in their story — so much so that we’re inspired to do even more.


We want to give you the opportunity to use your Christmas shopping to give back and to help Anna Cate and Caroline with their quest. From this Saturday until the end of December, when you mention 100 for Adama, we’ll donate 10% from any non-fiction book purchase and $2 from any gift card of $20 or more to their cause.


Learn more about 100 for Adama by visiting their website, or read the book that started it all — we’ll have more copies of Half the Sky in the shop next week.

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