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carrie rollwagen holds podcast mic

Want to Podcast? Podcasting 101 Can Help

Technology can be empowering. Not so long ago, getting your voice into the world was pretty difficult: Writers, musicians and filmmakers had to work the system, play the game — and whatever other trite expression means “compromising” — in order to get noticed. Because of advances in technology, now anyone […]

First Ever Book Hangout with Carrie and Cal

Back in the old days, I used to manage an independent bookstore, and Cal used to manage a Starbucks, and we were always trying to steal each other away from each other’s businesses. Even before we owned our own coffee shop/bookstore, we both loved coffee and books. We have complementary […]

Minimalist Men Invade Church Street

  Once you’ve read the minimalist memoir Everything That Remains, the authors ask that you “remember to minimize it once you’re finished — pass it on, donate it, or sell it.” It’s not every author that asks the readers to give their books away instead of buying more copies — so […]

Outlaws at Church Street: Music, Books and Storytelling This Thursday Night!

Creative Commons license: Feliciano Guimarães     Set your calendar alert now for Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Church Street, where we’ll be hosting a night of music and storytelling — the event is free and everyone is welcome.   Michael Streissguth, author of Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris and […]

A Night of Art and Conversation

  We’re so happy to be partnering with Beta Pictoris Gallery Tuesday night for a fantastic event spotlighting women and art. Deanna Sirlin will be signing her book She’s Got What It Takes: Women Artists in Dialogue, a wonderful collection of Deanna’s profiles of talented female artists. Her interviews were […]

Happy Birthday, Proust!

  Marcel Proust’s 142nd birthday is tomorrow, and there are two ways to celebrate: Sit in bed (preferably in a cork-lined room) eating madeleines, or come hang out with us at the library. The library will have cake and madeleines, so we think the choice here is clear.   Emmet […]

Save the Date: Whole Larder Love Comes to Birmingham

By Carrie Rollwagen   Last winter, my sister came to visit Birmingham. We went to several local restaurants and cafes, and she kept seeing signs reading, “No tomatoes.” After the third or fourth sign, she asked me if there was some kind of tomato disease that blighted all our plants, […]

Murder and Mystery Come to Church Street

Author Jenny Milchman and Church Street co-owner Cal Morris discuss books.   Here’s the dream formula for an author event at a bookshop: Engaging author + good audience = great conversation. Sometimes, the reality doesn’t live up to what you’ve imagined, but Monday night’s conversation with author Jenny Milchman was […]

On Your Mark, Get Set … Scavenger Hunt!

  It all started with a mystery … well, a mystery author. When Jenny Milchman, author of murder-mystery Cover of Snow, said she’d be coming in town on Monday, we jumped at the chance to sit down with her and ask her all about writing, reading, and her twisted (um, […]