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Love, Loss, and … a Magic Telephone? Reading Rainbow Rowell’s Landline

Just like any other insecure girl with an unhealthy love for boys who are really into bands, I loved Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park. Rowell’s fantastic when it comes to capturing that essence of hope and romance and awkwardness that is young love. (Or that is adult love, if you’re […]

Leave It to Herman Koch to Make Summertime Creepy

You may remember Herman Koch from his super-creepy hit The Dinner, the story of a family pulled apart by secrets — and a pretty strong sociopathic streak. Now Koch is back with a new book, Summer House with Swimming Pool, that’s full of just as much weird family drama and […]

we were liars lockhart

It’s Beauty, Love and Tragedy. And It’s All Lies.

I made the mistake of reading E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars on the plane to Book Expo America, and I ended up crying uncontrollably while my seatmates looked concerned and tried to scoot as far away from me as possible. As long as I was reading, I couldn’t stop crying, […]

this is where i leave you tropper

Lost Boys on Film: This Is Where I Leave You

Wondering what happens to lost boys when they grow up? Jonathan Tropper will tell you. The men in his stories are broken in such realistic ways that you can’t help but recognize them as your friends, or your brother, or your dad. (Or yourself.) So casting Jason Bateman in the […]

storied life of aj fikry

Sometimes a Story Just … Sucks

Sometimes you run across a book that you want to love, and it turns out to be terrible. For me, The Storied Life of A.J. Filkry is that book. I promise you, I tried to finish this book. For one thing, I wanted to enjoy the story. Also, it doesn’t […]

everything that remains minimalists

Meet the Minimalists

In a couple of weeks, Church Street is bringing post-capitalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, a.k.a. The Minimalists, in for a conversation about living with less. We like Joshua and Ryan because they aren’t preaching an agenda, or pretending to have all the answers, or pushing some kind of […]

Battling Giants: Reading Malcolm Gladwell and Rethinking Underdogs

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, David and Goliath, is released today, and he’s once again challenging our preconceptions — not only of the scriptural story of the shepherd and the giant, but of the whole idea of the underdog, a character that we Americans especially cherish. Gladwell knows we love a […]

Heads in Beds: A Really Good Story about the Worst Job Ever

Reading Heads in Beds is like getting a drink with your most smart, funny, cynical co-worker. You know, the one who takes the bland, soul-sucking parts of your day and turns them into hilarious anecdotes that make your struggles sound epic and interesting? The book is technically about the hotel […]

When Blurbs Kill the Book: Reading the Silent Wife

The back of The Silent Wife screams: “Suspense! Suspense! Suspense!” There’s the comparison to Gone Girl, which is so overused that it’s almost required on any new book involving marriage and murder. Then there are the reviews by other respected mystery authors: “Better than Gone Girl,” says Sophie Hannah “Left […]