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How to Choose an Audiobook

The holidays are upon us (almost), and that means it’s time for long drives to visit family, long airport visits, long train trips … well, you get it. I like to read when I’m in the airport or on a train, but not even I have figured out how to […]

Time Travel Done Right: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Sometimes, I hear about a good book because it’s popular — all the bookish accounts I follow on Instagram are posting about it, it’s on the New York Times Bestseller list, and I get an advanced reader copy in the mail. And sometimes nobody’s talking about a book, but I’m […]

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How to Start a Weekend Reading Practice

There are lots of good reasons for wanting to incorporate reading into your weekends — it’s a way to relax while actually learning something (and yes, we learn from fiction, too — we develop empathy from putting ourselves in the place of others, and we learn creativity by using our […]

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Reading Isn’t What It Used to Be — It’s Harder

Isn’t it lovely to imagine curling up with a book? And isn’t it difficult to actually do it? As a book person (book reviewer, former bookstore owner, etc.), I’m probably not supposed to admit that actually reading a book is anything less than a perfect experience of being magically transported […]

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My Favorite Authors to Follow on Instagram in 2017

One of the warnings against self-publishing is that all the marketing for your book will be on your shoulders. I agree, but only kind of. If you’re a successful self publisher, you’ll be doing a lot of marketing. But if you publish the traditional way, you’ll … also be doing […]

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Everybody Hates Self-Publishing (but Everybody Loves Podcasts! I Hope!)

We live in a time when anyone who has a blog or a YouTube channel can be a publisher. If you have an idea and the urge to create, your concept can be in front of anyone with an internet connection in seconds. To paraphrase (sometimes self-published) author Charles Dickens, […]

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Southern Living’s Best Books of 2016: My Favorites

Writing a year-end best-of list is kind of a love-hate assignment for me. I love it because, well, it’s a list of books, and that’s fun to write. But it’s also daunting, because I’m scared I’ll miss something great (which I’m sure I have), and I might even include something […]

Netflix, Step Aside: September Is for Reading Books

I’m a person who enjoys personal challenges. That means I might decide only to buy from locally owned stores for a year, or I might have a contest with a friend to see who can spend the least money in three months, or I might decide to organize my home […]

Is the New Harry Potter a Play or a Book? Who Cares! It’s Wonderful

Yesterday, J.K. Rowling released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a new Harry Potter story, and the world — including me — was skeptical. Instead of writing a new novel (the profits of which undoubtedly would’ve allowed her to buy a couple of castles or maybe a small country), she […]

How to Choose a Book for Vacation

It’s hard to find time to read. We have about a million other things vying for our attention, and those things tend to beep and chirp and tweet whenever they don’t get it. I get paid to read stuff (I’m a book reviewer, and I used to be a bookseller), […]