Throwback Thursday: Rollwagen Guest Blog Roundup

Even outside of this blog, I talk a lot about blogging, and I write a lot of blogs. Some of those blogs I can’t ever share because they’re ghostwritten (that is, I write them and agree to let other people put their names on them; this is mostly for companies […]

It’s Mindy Kaling Day! Because … Why Not?

I get asked pretty frequently if I know I look like Zooey Deschanel. Yes, I do know. People tell me I look like Zooey even when I don’t have bangs, so when we have similar haircuts, it happens all the time. The weird thing isn’t just that I look like […]

It Always Hurts to Ask

I don’t like to ask for favors — but you probably won’t guess that from how often I ask for favors. In the past 24 hours, I’ve asked a friend to take photos for my train tour press kit, cold called an event space about using their venue for a […]

Who’s Afraid of Self-Publishing? I Am!

Self-publishing is an exercise in: “How much do you want it?”   Do you want it enough to hand-wrap so many books you want to scream and make twice-weekly trips to the post office to ship out books during holiday season? Do you want it enough to keep up with […]

Give a Book! … and a Hashtag

Penguin is one of my favorite publishers: They produce beautiful editions of classic books. (Those clothbound covers that you see at Church Street in my Daily South picture? Those are Penguin books.) They have an amazing bookmobile that travels around NYC. And their mascot is a penguin. Come on — […]

sweetness number nine

Sugar & Spice: Colbert Fights Amazon with Sweetness #9

Imagine something awesome getting even more awesome. Like an adorable puppy that drags home a bag full of $100 bills, a new Vespa that comes complete with a barista who serves you cappuccinos from the sidecar, or a really hot guy who brings you a pre-release copy of the new […]

What’s Harry Potter up to? J.K. Rowling Fills Us in.

Every morning these days, Facebook tells me “what’s trending.” Normally, it’s stuff like, “Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez kiss, pack on the PDA during Italian getaway,” and I don’t really care. (That’s a real headline, by the way.) Today, though, the feed caught my attention, because it announced that J.K. Rowling […]

Snow Stories: Books to Read when You’re Trapped inside

  Judging from the conversation with our customers at the coffee shop this morning, Alabamians crossed the line from snowed in to stir crazy sometime in the last day or so. What to do when you’ve exhausted the kid-friendly Netflix and need a break from family time? The answer, of […]