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How to Explain Freelance to Regular People

There are a lot of good things about freelancing: You can do errands in the middle of the day. You (probably) don’t have a daily commute, and you can work in coffee shops. You make more money by hustling, not by relying on the whims of upper management. Occasionally, you […]

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I Do Not Have a Blog Today

Sometimes, you just don’t have it in you to write another word. I started writing (for work) this morning at 7 a.m.; I wanted to prep for meetings this afternoon. The meetings went well, but I was mentally exhausted at the end of the day. I thought I’d chill out […]

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How to Get Writing Done on a Weekend

This weekend, I have a lot of writing to do. I’m a tiny bit behind on this month’s blogging challenge (I drove to Pensacola and back yesterday for a quick visit with my parents and didn’t get a chance to post yesterday), I have a big post planned for later […]

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Do You Write Books or Blogs on Your Smartphone?

I’ve never been much for writing on my cell phone. Okay, maybe Instagram posts or text messages — but nothing approximating real work. Not my book, not blogs — I don’t even write emails using my phone if I can help it. But there are good reasons to try using […]

The Best Writing Music? Movie Soundtracks!

It’s hard to find music to listen to while writing. Sometimes, silence is the best soundtrack to a solid writing session, but not always. Music can put us in the “zone” of writing more easily so we don’t have to fight for focus. Because music has such power over our […]

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How to Create a Writing Ritual

Ever since reading The Power of Habit a few years ago, I’ve found it helpful to create rituals around the things in my life that cause me anxiety or that I tend to avoid. By “ritual,” I really just mean routine — a short series of actions that put me […]

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Seriously Considering Blogging Like Crazy

November, apparently, is the month for writing bonanzas. There’s Nanowrimo, where the goal is to write an entire novel (well, a draft of one) in a month. And my friend Javacia runs this wonderful writing group called See Jane Write; every November, they do a promotion called Blog Like Crazy […]

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When Done Is Better Than Perfect

I can’t stand when someone tries to look over my shoulder while I’m writing. I don’t want anyone to see my mistakes and false starts and the cheesy stuff that comes out before the (hopefully) better work replaces it. I’m under no illusions that my finished work is perfect, but […]

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How to Keep Blogging When You’re Not Feeling It

Not so great at keeping up with your blog lately? Yeah, me either. When you’re in the rhythm of blogging and you’re on a roll with a topic you’re excited about, getting up in the morning to write and publish a blog is exhilarating. Okay, maybe not exhilarating, but at […]

Throwback Thursday: Rollwagen Guest Blog Roundup

Even outside of this blog, I talk a lot about blogging, and I write a lot of blogs. Some of those blogs I can’t ever share because they’re ghostwritten (that is, I write them and agree to let other people put their names on them; this is mostly for companies […]

Hate Blogging? Make It Less of a Chore

In my experience, blogging — or, really, any sort of writing — is never exactly easy. But having a routine to help you get your thoughts down can really help. Here are a few tips that I share with clients to make the process a lot easier and help the […]