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How to Keep Blogging When You’re Not Feeling It

Not so great at keeping up with your blog lately? Yeah, me either. When you’re in the rhythm of blogging and you’re on a roll with a topic you’re excited about, getting up in the morning to write and publish a blog is exhilarating. Okay, maybe not exhilarating, but at […]

Should We Take a Sledgehammer to the Internet?

Yesterday, I spoke at Innovation Depot to a room full of entrepreneurs about blogging. I told them how to turn content they’ve already created into blogs, how to create a team of staff writers, how to use keywords to get noticed on Google, and how to use social media to […]

What Do Rock Music, Taziki’s & Weddings Have in Common? Carrie Rollwagen!

When I was a barista at Starbucks, I went through their management program. It’s an incredible gift that they offer staff members because it’s really thorough, but it can also be pretty tough. I was freelance writing at the time, and clearly not staying at Starbucks for the long haul, […]

The Secret Lives of Carrie Rollwagen

I try not to be too autobiographical on this blog. I use plenty of personal details, but they’re generally used to illustrate a bigger idea — my life as metaphor, I guess. Usually, this strategy helps me make a point and keeps me from rambling, but sometimes it just gets […]

Birmingham’s Future Looks Bright

It’s a good time to live — and work — in Birmingham. Revitalization of our city, especially our downtown districts, seems to be getting stronger every day. We’re proud to be part of the positive change by creating sites for fantastic community partners like The Community Foundation (click here to […]