My Favorite Audiobook App: Libro.fm

I’m more into podcasts than I am into audiobooks these days, but sometimes you want something that has a longer format. Something that helps you power through a long run, or a bunch of knitting, or — in my case this weekend — an eight-hour drive. Lots of people use […]

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Small Business Saturday: How to Get Your Business Ready

I wrote a little blog for Infomedia today about getting your website ready for Small Business Saturday. I won’t go into all that because reading it is only a click away, but I focused on ecommerce businesses on that site, and I wanted to share a few ideas for getting […]

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Today Is Beautiful: A Visit to Mae Salon in Avondale

Yesterday, I was eating lunch at Pizitz when a woman stopped me to tell me she liked my hair. This isn’t that unusual — and it has virtually nothing to do with me. I’m not being self-deprecating here; I’m just really lazy about my hair. I owe a lot to […]

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Free Coffee (& Tea & Chocolates) for Birmingham Voters

Obviously, we’re voting for the thrill that comes with being good citizens and to make real and lasting change in our country and our world … but when you take a day that’s already a bit overcast and gloomy, add an extra errand into an already busy schedule, and then […]

The Super-Last-Minute Guide to Voting in Alabama

I’m not going to waste your time giving you the “please vote” spiel because you’re already getting it everywhere else. But what if you want to vote, but you’re not actually prepared to vote? Like, you don’t know who’s on the ballot or how to choose between the candidates? I’m […]

Amazon: Bad for Books, Bad for Self-Publishing, Bad for Birmingham

I’ve never wanted to write a blog less than this one. I’ve been avoiding the topic of Amazon — avoiding it on my podcast, and avoiding it on my blog. But with Birmingham falling all over themselves to try to bring Amazon to town (come on, guys — have some […]

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Everybody Hates Self-Publishing (but Everybody Loves Podcasts! I Hope!)

We live in a time when anyone who has a blog or a YouTube channel can be a publisher. If you have an idea and the urge to create, your concept can be in front of anyone with an internet connection in seconds. To paraphrase (sometimes self-published) author Charles Dickens, […]

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How to Travel by Train: My Best Amtrak Tips

A lot of people ask me about train travel, and they usually have stars in their eyes, just like I did. Let’s be honest: When we’re imagining traveling on Amtrak, most of us are really imagining the Hogwarts Express, right? We want to sit in compartments and buy chocolates from […]

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Two Minimalists and the Localist Walk into a Bar …

If you haven’t been tempted by minimalism yet, you probably know somebody who has been. Maybe they read The Minimalists blog, a collection of thoughts on living with less by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. Maybe they read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Maybe they’re obsessed with tiny […]

Carrie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

When some people experience a string of bad luck, I supposed they might chalk it up to random coincidence. I, on the other hand, usually take it as a solid sign that I’m being targeted by the universe for unfair persecution. Maybe I spent too much time reading about omens […]

Shipt & Western Are BFFs and We’re All Winners!

Life is full of hard stuff. Real, important stuff like career obstacles, relationship troubles and the impending sense of mortality that defines human existence. But life is also full of stuff that’s not that hard, but is still a bummer — stuff like flossing, grocery shopping, talking our parents through […]