Huntsville’s Lowe Mill Has Artists, Innovators … and Me!

When I think of warehouses, I normally think of cookie-cutter, homogenized products that ship out to big box stores — but at Huntsville’s Lowe Mill, the warehouse has been reclaimed and repurposed by painters, architects, craftspeople and other artists. The result is a group of people who work side-by-side to […]

Who’s Afraid of Self-Publishing? I Am!

Self-publishing is an exercise in: “How much do you want it?”   Do you want it enough to hand-wrap so many books you want to scream and make twice-weekly trips to the post office to ship out books during holiday season? Do you want it enough to keep up with […]

Shop Local & Wrap Local!

I try to be a serious person (mostly), but I really love gift wrapping. I like getting creative with paper and string and creating a package that feels personal and creates a little bit of excitement under the tree. I collect ribbon scraps … I actually enjoy baking the hundreds of […]

On the Air with the Localist

Update: I had a great time with the guys at Rely Local this morning — if you’d like to listen in, here’s an MP3 download of the whole program. (If you’re not into country music, you can fast forward to my parts: they’re at the very beginning, at 13:40 and […]

Give a Book! … and a Hashtag

Penguin is one of my favorite publishers: They produce beautiful editions of classic books. (Those clothbound covers that you see at Church Street in my Daily South picture? Those are Penguin books.) They have an amazing bookmobile that travels around NYC. And their mascot is a penguin. Come on — […]

Success! The First Localist Book Signing Is a Wrap!

I’ve worked a lot of book signings — and they’re mostly terrible. An author sits on one side of a table with a stack of books, and people stream into the store doing everything they can to avoid the table, the books and the author. It’s like someone found a […]

A Few of My Favorite (Local) Things

It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means the holiday season is really kicking into gear. A lot of people hate that, but I love it — I’m kind of a sucker for holiday traditions, twinkly lights and anything peppermint. But even I know some holiday traditions aren’t so great — like […]

Self-Publishing: It’s a Rollercoaster

Here’s the best metaphor I can think of for what it’s like to publish a book: It’s like trying to do a craft project on a rollercoaster — you’re scared, the wind’s in your face, the adrenaline is flowing, and at some point you change from being a perfectionist to […]

Pop the Champagne! We Have a Release Date!

After a (very) long and stressful day dealing with print bleeds, last-minute edits and color matching yesterday, I’m happy to announce that The Localist book is at the printer — and is scheduled for November 29 release! November 29 is Small Business Saturday, and that’s why we picked that day […]

Shop Small: This Introvert Gets Social

I’m throwing a party tomorrow night, and it’s making me crazy. There’s no drama, no venue problems, nobody backing out at the last minute — none of the usual party problems. No, the only issue with this party is that I’m an introvert, and I’d honestly rather be hiding in […]