What I’ve Learned from Blog Like Crazy

At the beginning of this month, I decided to take on a writing challenge — to blog every day in November. I did it because I hadn’t blogged in a long time, because blogging had lost its spontaneity and fun for me, and because I missed the rhythm of regular […]

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Who Am I Becoming?

I follow this Instagrammer called @gummergal. Actually, I think her real name is Laura. Anyway, I don’t even remember why I started following her, but I think it had to do with her having a cute house, or a cute sweater, or something equally superficial. Tonight, one of her cute […]

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How to Get Back on Track after a Holiday Weekend

It’s amazing how much a holiday weekend can throw off a schedule. Thanksgiving weekend was only four days, but when you add in the fact that most of us were traveling or hosting, spending time with family we don’t see much, eating a lot of fatty, sugary, carb-y food and […]

Blogging in Search of Direction

I decided to participate in Blog Like Crazy this year as a last resort. Let’s back up — I love goals. I like to have at least one major, long-term goal in my life, and usually I like to have a few little ones, too. I like striving toward something, […]

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A Pessimist’s Guide to Hope

It’s a cold and rainy Monday morning and I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m., so if there was ever a day to focus on turning my mood around, this is probably it — but optimism doesn’t exactly come easily to me. I thought that was because I grew up on […]

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My Favorite Soundtracks and Spotify Lists to Listen to While Reading

I don’t always listen to music when I’m reading, but it can be really nice — especially when I want to block out other noise like weed whackers, leaf blowers, lawn mowers (I hate the sounds of lawn maintenance, obviously), other patrons at the coffee shop, other people on the […]

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Blogs Are All Grown Up … and Boring

The very first time I planned a blog, I was excited. The whole thing seemed full of possibility. I might become famous! I might get a book deal! I might discover new things about myself and about the world! The very first blog I wrote was a lot of fun. […]

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Sometimes the Best New Year’s Resolution Is to Stop, Not Start

I get excited about making New Year’s resolutions — I love the newness of a fresh start, and I get really into buying new calendars and making checklists in service of reaching my new goals. But even I have to admit that starting something new isn’t always the answer; sometimes […]

Tips from All-Star Social Media Trainers

I never thought I’d be a trainer. I’ve had a trainer, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience — Romen dragged me out of bed at 5 a.m. in the cold to swing around a kettle bell and play a hideous game called All the Stairs in the Neighborhood (FYI, Highland […]

In Defense of Selfies

Some people say selfies are the bane of the Internet — AAA is warning about the dangers of selfies while driving, and articles like The 16 Worst Kinds of Selfies are seemingly everywhere (a friend linked to that one on Facebook last week). I think we can all agree to […]