Social Media

Summer Pop-Up Workshop Cancelled

* Update * This workshop has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience! I plan to begin hosting workshops again in the fall. I said I wasn’t going to host a social media workshop this summer, but so many people have asked me to do one anyway, and I’m a pushover. […]

I Want to Teach You My Social Media Secrets!

Because social media is, well, social, it’s also individualized. Your Facebook page is going to look different than mine for obvious reasons (you probably don’t have as many selfies of my face on your page …  I hope). In business, it’s the same — my business’s Instagram is going to […]

Social Media Is My Frenemy

I’ve been called a social media expert: This and Birmingham News story called me a “digital muse,” and local social media guru Wade Kwon wrote about me in his ebook, Social Media Stars of Birmingham. I’m consistently asked to participate in social media contests to “prove” my social media […]