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Disappearing into Grief

It hasn’t been a great time to be related to Carrie Rollwagen. In the past few weeks, I’ve had family members (and friends as close as family) die, get terrible medical diagnoses and survive brutally violent attacks. They say tragedies come in threes, but at this point, we’re heading toward […]

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Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Sweethearts

Every year, my dad sends my sister and I Valentine cards. Inside is a message about how Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday created by card companies and we shouldn’t place any importance on how we actually feel on that day because it’s a capitalist trick, not an authentic holiday. […]

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Could We Save Birmingham’s Secret Garden?

My friend Kelly keeps telling me a story about a house. It’s petal pink, with wide stone steps leading up to a front porch set off by three archways overgrown with vines. Set in the middle of a quiet suburban neighborhood, it’s almost hidden, set back from the sidewalk and […]

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On (Finally) Finding My Way at the Gym

I’m not a natural athlete. I don’t usually like exercise, and I’m not usually good at it. I’m very self-conscious, have bad spatial awareness, and dislike any competition that I don’t stand a chance at winning. However, there are lots of things we hated as children that we embrace as […]

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Weight Watchers: ’80s Throwback or Magical Health Portal?

Earlier this week, I wrote about losing 40 pounds with Weight Watchers (which is now called WW), and I hadn’t planned on writing about any specifics. But that was a little bit stupid, because it turns out lots of people have questions about the program. I don’t want to become […]

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Life Lessons I Learned from Losing 40 Pounds

This month, I’m writing about successful resolutions, and my 2014 resolution was definitely a classic: Lose Weight. I’d made the resolution before, but five years ago, I actually kept it — I joined Weight Watchers, lost 40 pounds and have kept it off (more or less), ever since. There’s no […]

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Giving Up Sugar: How to Do It and Why Anyone Would Want to

There are lots of reasons to give up sugar — to name a few, it’s a health disaster, it creates cravings that are arguably as strong as those to illegal drugs, and it can cause anxiety and insomnia. There are also a lot of reasons not to give up sugar […]

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Konmari Q&A: Your Questions

It’s been really fun writing about konmari this week, especially since it seems like the whole world is watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo and posting pictures of discarded piles of clothes on Instagram. That’s not a judgment — I really do like seeing it, and I think the fact […]

I Love Resolutions … but I Don’t Love Writing about Them

A New Year’s resolution literally changed my life: My decision to buy only from local stores from one year and to blog about it grew into my publishing a book, opening a bookstore, going on a bookstore tour, and ultimately meeting my husband (kind of). I love resolutions, and I […]