Welcome to Our New Website!

A few weeks ago, while making excuses for explaining why we haven’t been blogging much, we wrote about a mysterious project that was taking a lot of our attention. Well, this is it — our brand new website. We love the look of this new page, but our site has more than just a pretty face. We added the features that you, our customers and readers, have been asking for to make shopping with Church Street and reading our blog even better. Check out a few of our favorite new functions …




Easily find Gluten-Free, Cane Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free items.

We know a lot of our customers enjoy being able to find a selection of great, healthy treats at Church Street, so we’ve made them easier to find. Explore more on our Coffee & Bakery page.

Order a book, or buy an ebook, through Church Street Coffee & Books.

We’re now offering text message ordering for books. Just add our order number (205-259-6747) to your phone’s address book. Next time you see a book you want, send us a text! We’ll have it for you in the shop within a couple of days, and we’ll send you a text when it’s in so you can pick it up and pay in the shop. We’ve also added more information about our ebooks (through our partner, Kobo), and we’ve added an FAQ with Kobo support numbers so they’re easy to find for our customers who already love Kobo. Find all this information on the Order Books page and choose ebooks or paper books.

Get to know our staff — and get book recommendations and staff picks.

Sometimes we get so caught up talking about Breakup Cookies and Yerba Mate Lattes that we don’t get to discuss books as much as we’d like. Want to learn more about your favorite barista or blog writer? Find out what they’re reading by clicking on their pictures on our Staff page.

Book clubs get personalized pages for listing book picks.

The hardest thing about a book club isn’t reading the book — it’s sending out the group email reminding everyone of what you’re reading and what time you’re meeting. Now every book club gets a private login so you can add books to your group’s page when you decide to read them. You can also decide if you want new members or if you’re closed to new members. Find out more about our current groups on our Book Clubs page. Want to add yours? Email us at churchstreetshop@gmail.com.


As much as we love our website, we can’t take credit for it: That goes to our site developer and designer Jonathan Walls, who made the site not only look incredible, but also function really well so our readers and customers can easily find everything they’re looking for. Jonathan works for Infomedia, and they’ll build you a terrific website if you’re looking. (P.S. I freelance write for them sometimes, too). You can look at more website work from Jonathan Walls on his website. You’re probably also noticing the amazing photos, and for that we have Cary Norton, one of our favorite customers and beekeepers, to thank. Check out more of his work at Cary Norton Photographs.


We hope you love the site, and most importantly, we hope we’ve made information easy for you to find so you can enjoy Church Street, and our Booksellers & Baristas blog, even more.

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