Church Street to Sell ebooks Soon!

Carrie and Jenna both hold copies of The Flame Alphabet — Carrie’s is a hardcover, Jenna’s is on her beloved Sony Reader.


At Church Street, we lover books in pretty much any form: paperback, hardcover, audio, and even ebooks. No matter what format, we’re suckers for a good story. But in the few months since we’ve been open, we’ve just sold paper books. This spring, that’s going to change …


Beginning mid-March, we’ll be launching a new website with some really exciting benefits for our customers:


You’ll be able to buy ebooks from us and read them on almost any ereader: Nook, iPad, Sony Reader and Kindle Fire are all supported. You can even read them on your iPhone or Droid with a free app — no reader required! And you won’t have to visit the shop to buy an ebook; you can purchase it right from your reader and start reading right away.


You’ll have the ability to choose a book online, then pick it up and pay for it just a few days later at Church Street when you get your morning latte. It’s a very quick turnaround, and you’ll pay no shipping cost since we’re adding it to our regular book order.


We have more surprises coming with the launch of our website later next month, so keep following this blog for updates. (Note that the address of our blog has been changed for now; the former address is now under construction and will direct to our new site.) And, as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest, up-to-the-minute Church Street news.


We love our community and our customers, and we’re so happy to be able to provide even more for you through this site. Whether you find your story on paper, on your ereader, or on audio*, we want you to find it at Church Street!


* We don’t carry audio books in the store, but we’re happy to order them for you. Audio orders must be prepaid, but they’re always 10% off the list price.

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