Come to Our Party!

Clockwise, from top left: the 55th Place Arts building where we’ll have the party; The Hill and the Wood; Breakup Cookies; a PostScript preview; Peanut Buddies.


What do you do when you’re excited about a birthday, an anniversary, or a big holiday? You throw a party, duh. And, since we’re pretty happy about our new website and blog that will launch next week, that’s exactly what we’re doing.


The party will be this Sunday night (March 11) at a brand new music studio in Woodlawn. Why do we need a music studio? Because we’re having a band play. The Hill and the Wood will be making beautiful music, and they’ll be joined by a few other musicians (including one of our favorite bands, Great Book of John) from our partners in partying, Communicating Vessels.


We’ll have a few things to eat and drink (we’re working on mini Breakup Cookies and little Peanut Buddies!), plus a raffle where you can win books and coffee. We’ll also tell you a bit more about the site and blog. But, mostly, this is just a celebration of the past eight months we’ve been open, and of this new adventure that we’re starting.


Find more information on our Facebook event. It’s an open event, so be sure to add your friends! We hope to see you Sunday, and all this week at Church Street.

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