Emily Vann: Muffin Master, Coffee Connoisseur

Ask Emily Vann why she bakes, and she’ll say to “bring joy to people. Cooking for other people will always make me happy.” I hope she really means that, because, as head baker for Church Street, she’ll be on the job at 4:30 a.m. — and a sacrifice like that means she’s serious about spreading her joy for baking.


For years, I’ve seen Emily make people happy with her treats. We worked together at The Daily Cup, where her famous shortbread cookies, iced to perfection in pretty much any shape you can imagine, brought customers in from all over the city. I’d have one every afternoon, and it was always fun to see what the cookie of the day was — maple leaves for fall, flowers for spring, stars or hearts or even turtles just for fun.


She’s especially talented at making desserts that are tasty and adorable — I’m remembering her Christmas tree cookies with tiny dragee ornaments, an impressive banjo cake for a local musician and small, glitter-sprinkled cookies that topped my 30th birthday cake. Then there are all the pastries she makes each year for her coveted-invitation-only New Year’s Day Brunch.


We’re overjoyed to welcome Emily to our staff. Every weekday when your alarm clock beeps, you’ll know she’s already in the kitchen, filling the shop with the scent of Orange Cranberry Scones and Banana Nut Muffins that will be hot and ready for you to grab for breakfast.


And when you pick up your coffee and muffin, be sure to ask Emily what she’s reading. We both love Maisie Dobbs and Flavia de Luce novels (she reads them first and I borrow her copies). She’s also a Hunger Games devotee (who isn’t?) and is the most likely staff member to fall asleep with a cupcake cookbook on her nightstand.


It won’t be long now until you can stop by and say hello to Emily (and try a cookie or a scone!) every morning — we’ll keep you posted about our opening date on Facebook.

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