Episode Category: Everybody Hates Self Publishing

The Last Chapter: Season One Is Over!

In this episode, I wrap up season one of Everybody Hates Self-Publishing. I talk about Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol was self-published), WordCamp US, my new job with the American Booksellers Association and my upcoming new podcast, Words with Carrie.

Meet the Bookseller: Little Professor’s Sara Glassman Chats about Nanowrimo, Moving a Bookstore, and Self-Publishing Mistakes

In this episode, I talk to Little Professor bookseller and Nanowrimo winner Sara Glassman about how writing a draft for this year’s National Novel Writing Month could be a great first step to writing your book. We also talk about Little Professor’s recent move to a new building, decorating a bookstore for the holidays, and mistakes self-published authors often make when trying to get independent bookstores to carry our books.

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