Free Books!

Michelle holds up a free book poster drawn by Rahul Kalyankar. Photo by Satpal Chandel.


You know those ideas that seem so good they could never happen? World Book Night is one of them — but it’s actually happening.


What’s World Book Night? It’s one day (and night) when people all over the country are giving away books. Really good books (here’s a list). For free. No strings, no commitment, no commercial benefit, just a bunch of people (and publishers, authors, book distributors and volunteers) getting together to spread the joy of reading.


How do you get a book? First, head over to Wade Kwon’s site, where he’s holding a contest to win a copy of Lovely Bones (and a free cup of coffee from Church Street). Then be sure you’re following us on Twitter (@81churchstreet), because we’ll be live tweeting new locations all day long for where in Birmingham you can go to get your free book.


But we’re guessing you’re too excited to wait … so we’ll give you a little sneak peak at a couple of the locations in Crestline Village: Hayden & Michelle will both be giving away copies of Bel Canto in their boutiques (they’re located across from La Paz, next door to us). AND Sri plans to be at Taco Mama around 6 p.m. to hand out copies of Hunger Games.


Remember to follow us for more info on free books on Monday … and celebrate World Book Night yourself by telling someone about your favorite book, and setting aside some time to read!

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