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We were so happy to see this post from our friend (and frequent customer) Cary Norton‘s blog that we wanted to share!




Church Street Coffee & Books makes me really happy. For so many reasons.


-My friends own it (immediate emotional attachment).
-They serve locally roasted, really good coffee from Primavera.
-They bake all their goods by hand, in the store.
-Everyone that works there kicks total ass.
-“Local” is a very big priority to them, as a shop, and to their customers.
-They let me hang out there whenever I want and don’t bitch about it when I stay there for hours.


A couple of weeks ago I decided I need to rebuild the busted, ailing Legotron which had fallen into disrepair from riding in the back of my car for so long. I figured, what better use for a camera so close to my heart than my newest love, the coffee shop.


They threw together a plate full of delicious* and a quick cup of coffee and let me loose in the store (and I didn’t break anything).


(Wait, that’s not true actually. The Legotron broke while I was shooting this shot. The tripod mount held up fine, but the angle of the camera was too much and the outer box thingy crumbled, necessitating another, quite fast rebuild.)


Anyway, above is some of their goods as photographed with the stupid camera made of plastic bricks.


*In this case, there were three cookies (the most important of which is the Break-up Cookie, which is possibly the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve had in my entire life), but they have a wide variety of scones, muffins, and other various baked goods.


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