Frosted Coffee

The results of The Great Facebook Frappe Vote of 2011 are in, and the winner is … Frosted Coffee!

“Wait a second,” you may be thinking. “I thought the winner was FROJO!” Well, it was, but that name is already owned by ashop in Kentucky. They serve coffee and yogurt and, according to their Facebook page, tonight they’re having a show by Uncle Jesse and the Full House band. If there’s one thing we want to avoid, it’s incurring the wrath of Uncle Jesse. Have mercy!


Anyway, we love Frosted Coffee — the name and the recipe. We had our final taste test the other night, just to make sure everything was perfect. Cal and Sri perfected the final recipes, and these drinks really do taste amazing. They’re cold, blended perfectly (they don’t separate quickly like some frappes), and they’re a fantastic balance of just-enough sweetness and that unbeatable Primavera Coffee flavor. Because Primavera is less bitter than a lot of coffees, it pairs extremely well with a light flavor in a cold drink like this.

We’ll have Frosted Coffee available in Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel (as well as plain coffee flavor), and we’ll have caffeine-free frappes available as well — Vanilla Frost, Chocolate Frost and Coco-Chip Frost are perfect for kids (and grown-ups with a taste for sweet summery drinks).

Come see us tomorrow on opening day (!!!), try your first Frosted Coffee, and let us know what you think!

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