Girl Meets Kobo

Get ready for many, many pictures of me and a Kobo. Also, I need a haircut.


Over at Church Street, we’re pretty excited about this new partnership with Kobo. And why not? It allows us to finally offer a good eBook option to our customers who like using eReaders. It’s a step into the future, and yet another way to do what we love, which is sharing stories.


Of course, even a user-friendly eReader like Kobo can be a little trickier than a paper book. (You can’t really beat the simplicity of 1: Open book, 2: Start reading.) So I’ve started a Twitter called Girl Meets Kobo about what I’m learning and what I love about reading with Kobo.


I’m hoping this will be a fun way to share Kobo’s little tricks and features, and also a new way to share about books that I’m reading. I’ll tweet about great free books that Kobo offers, and I’ll mention when they have a sale on a book that sounds good. But mostly I’ll just be tweeting about how Kobo fits into my everyday life, writing about things like where I’m reading and what I’m reading, and posting the occasional (or not so occasional) silly picture of me and my Kobo.


To get on the Kobo-beginner action yourself, just click through our PostScript link (top right of this page) and set up a Kobo account with us — you don’t have to buy an eReader, because you can read Kobo on any open eReader, tablet or SmartPhone. If you’re a Twitter user, I hope you’ll consider following me @girlmeetskobo — and, if you’re just starting to use your Kobo eReader or Kobo App, please hashtag relevant tweets #girlmeetskobo so I can retweet them. Not a Twitter user? You can still follow by clicking here.


Carrie Rollwagen is co-owner and book buyer at Church Street Coffee & Books

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