Happy Birthday Church Street!

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I got up early and came in to open the shop. The streets were quiet, the sunrise was beautiful, and I listened to Michael Jackson while brewing coffee, shelving books and putting stacks of Breakup Cookies in the pastry case. In a lot of ways, it was just like this day three years ago — I couldn’t sleep then, either, and I got up early to set up the shop then, too. This morning, though, I’m about 100% less stressed, and I got to really enjoy a little time with Cal and Sri before we got busy.




Today’s the third anniversary of the opening of Church Street Coffee & Books, a little dream that Cal, Heather and I had that we still have trouble believing is reality. We’re so grateful to our community for embracing us. We’re continually humbled by the great reviews we get from our loyal customers. And we’re still working on ways to make our little bookshop/coffee shop/bakery even better for our customers.


We’re saying thank you all month with our third annual Red Bookmark Sale. Here’s how it works: Come into the shop and look for the red bookmark books. Buy one at full price, and you can pick out the paperback of your choice, for free, as our gift to you. This year, Cal’s setting up the sale, and as I’m writing this blog I’m watching him put red bookmarks in practically half of our books, so you’ll definitely have some good titles to choose from. 🙂


Thank you so much for making Church Street Coffee & Books a success. We really do treasure your visits, and every single book, coffee and cookie you buy from us means so much.


Carrie Rollwagen is co-owner and book buyer at Church Street Coffee & Books, an independent coffee shop and bookstore in Birmingham, Alabama.

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