Happy Booktober! Wait … what’s that?!


Yesterday, Mike Birbiglia tweeted about Booktober, which is pretty much just something he made up. But that stroke of tweet-genius, combined with the fact that everyone on our Facebooks seemed to be all October-crazy yesterday, got us thinking … if Booktober was real, what would it be?


A little Googling told us that some people are reading a book a day for Booktober. That’s nice, but probably a little impractical (unless it’s a picture book a day, or a graphic novel a day, which would actually be a pretty cool project). Maybe commit to reading just one book in October, so you’ll have something to curl up with at the end of the day? Or read something out of your comfort zone — try non-fiction if you usually read fiction, or vice versa. You could combine Booktober and Halloween and dress up like your favorite character or author, or throw a Booktober party where you play book-themed party games and talk about your favorite books.


A few people on the Church Street Facebook page had some great ideas for celebrating Booktober, like combining it with this week’s Banned Books Week, or pounding books along with beers. Or you could use Booktober to do something you’ve been putting off for awhile, like starting a book club, or volunteering at a literacy program, or reading to kids. You could commit to buying your books locally for one month, or you could give a friend a gift card to your favorite indie bookseller to share the love of books. Or maybe spend Booktober preparing for next month’s National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), and think about writing a book of your own.


The point is, we kind of like the idea that Booktober can be anything we want it to be. We’ll be celebrating all month, and sharing it with you. Visit us on Facebook and let us know how you’re celebrating, too!

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