Happy Valentine’s Day! (Almost)

Whether you’re celebrating being one half of a couple, or you’re planning to spend tomorrow letting the ones you love know you care for them by lavishing them all with gifts and chocolate, we hope you’ll make Church Street part of your Valentine’s Day.


Order a box of our Sweetie Pies — two delicious butter cookies sandwiching rich chocolate and a bit of raspberry jam. They’re a little like Moon Pies for your sweetheart with tiny heart cutouts on top of the cookie. We plan to have Sweetie Pies in the pastry case tomorrow, but be sure to pre-order today if you want to be sure you’ll get some! (Call us at 870-1117 to pre-order.)

Of course, we have all manner of chocolate! Sip on a Mocha or White Mocha, or try a Hot Chocolate or Peppermint Hot Chocolate. And stock up on our rich, homemade pastry items — Chocolate Souffle Cake, Chocolate Coco-Chip Cookies and Kahlua Cake. And, by all means, try a Breakup Cookie … but you might not want to tell your sweetie what they’re called! 🙂


There’s no better Valentine’s Gift than a thoughtful book that lets someone know you’re thinking of them and know what they’d like. Remember, we wrap (for free) every day — and, for Valentine’s Day, we even have little hearts to make the wrapping more special.


We hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, and that you’ll make us part of your plans, whatever they are!

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