Happy World Book Night!


World Book Night books at our launch party, ready to be picked up and given away for free!


We’re having a great week at Church Street this week, because it’s all about books … and we really love books. All our Bookstravaganza action is inspired by World Book Night, which is this really awesome event where thousands of people all over the U.S. and England hand out books — for free. What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. Seriously. We all just love books so much, and want other people to love them too, that we volunteer to lug around boxes of the literary little suckers and sit in parks, bars, pizza parlors, coffee shops, and even sometimes on the side of the road, just to give a story to someone else. It’s really kind of a beautiful thing, and we’re honored to be a part of it.


Follow us on Twitter today for retweets of where books are being given away. And a little bird told us that Sri, Carrie and Michelle from Church Street will be giving out copies of Salvage the Bones and Moneyball at Mafioza’s Pizza tonight (it’s also 2-for-1 slice night and specials on beer), and our own PostScript writer Elisa will be handing out copies of Looking for Alaska at Hey Cafe in New Orleans this afternoon (Want a copy of Looking for Alaska in Birmingham? Than we recommend visiting Avondale Brewery tonight.)


Remember Church Street is giving out Scavenger Hunt books (they’re different from World Book Night books) all week too (follow us on Facebook and Twitter for clues). And why not share the love and give a few books away yourself? Grab a copy of your favorite book off your shelf and give it to a friend, or head to a local bookshop and buy a copy to give away. Join us in spreading the love of books!

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