Healthy Snacks Club: Simple Food

Some people (me) see healthy eating as a chore. But some people (Sri) approach it as more of an adventure. It’s always inspiring to hear Sri share what he’s learning about herbs, or which recipe he’s excited to try, or to taste what’s just come from his juicer. He takes off work every Tuesday so he can visit Manna Market and get fresh produce, and he treats each purchase like a hidden treasure.


Sri has a cooking-optimism soulmate in Alice Waters, author of the famous The Art of Simple Food. This book is a cookbook, sure. But it’s also a bit of a manifesto on how completely awesome good, real, fresh food can taste, and how much fun it can be to incorporate market shopping and community cooking into your life.


Sri’s already learning from The Art of Simple Food.


My favorite thing about the book (besides the fact that it’s beautiful and inspiring) is the way Waters makes home cooking sound, well, simple. She describes every one of her cooking techniques, so you don’t have to be a pro to understand her instructions. She even includes lists for which pantry staples will help you be ready to cook something fantastic any time.


With preparation like this (and with a Healthy Snacks Club cohort like Sri), even I might get excited about a new healthy cooking adventure.


Find a new installment of Healthy Snacks Club every Friday on PostScript. Carrie Rollwagen is book buyer and co-owner of Church Street Coffee & Books.

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