Help Sri Win the Moleskine Challenge!



When we decided to carry journals, there wasn’t really a question of which ones we’d stock. At least half our staff is already hopelessly devoted to Moleskine journals. They’re just perfect: they’re easy to write in, they look great, they fit easily in a laptop bag or purse, they hold together through constant abuse, and they even have a cool little pocket that holds receipts or odds and ends. Plus, legend has it they were favorites of artists like Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh — the perfect to our bookshop.


Turns out, Sri had already been looking for the perfect journal. (He says working with all of us “characters” is inspiring him to write more … should we be worried?) He got one answer over and over — Moleskine. So, when we got our order in, he couldn’t have been happier.


That’s when he made the announcement: “These are great! I could sell 40 of these in one week!”


Hmm. That sounds like a challenge to us. So we’re holding him to it. The journals are in, the stakes are high … we’ll let you know the verdict next week, but all this week you can come in and help him out by picking up a journal with your latte. Who knows, you could be the next author who starts out scribbling in a Moleskine!

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