Leave It to Herman Koch to Make Summertime Creepy

You may remember Herman Koch from his super-creepy hit The Dinner, the story of a family pulled apart by secrets — and a pretty strong sociopathic streak. Now Koch is back with a new book, Summer House with Swimming Pool, that’s full of just as much weird family drama and strangely detailed descriptions of food as before. I wasn’t wild about the book, but if you’re a big fan of Koch already, it’s a strong pick for summer. Here’s a bit of my review — you can read the whole review over at BookPage.

“[Reading Herman Koch is] like standing next to the cynical party guest who keeps you laughing all night by mocking the pretentious host. And just like that funny guy at the party, Koch can go from companionable to creepy before you realize what changed. He did it in his stateside breakout book, The Dinner, when a simple meal turned twisted, and Summer House with Swimming Pool is no different: We watch as a happy family vacation grows complicated and dark.” Read the full review of Herman Koch’s Summer House with Swimming Pool at BookPage.

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