It’s hard to be miserable when you’re reading a free copy of Les Mis


There aren’t many movies that everyone agrees are fantastic. We’re thinking here … the Princess Bride, maybe? Anyway, usually, when we bring up a movie here in our coffee/bookshop, it inspires furious debate. Even more so when the movie’s based on a book. But that’s not the case with the new Les Mis movie — almost every one of our customers who saw it liked it … and a few of them loved it so much they’re practically Les Mis disciples.



All this Mis-mania has inspired a whole new group of people to read the book, too. (We suspect that’s also partly because Adam loves the book so much that he gives quite an inspiring speech about Les Miserables, mercy and hope to anyone who picks up a copy — seriously, come by sometime and ask him about it.) But the paper book is huge and can be quite daunting, so we also want to give you a way to make Jean Valjean’s escapades a bit more portable by giving you a free eBook.


To download the book, just click on the link below. To read it, get a free App using the link on the top right of your page (you’ll have to register first if you don’t already have a Kobo account — that takes about 30 seconds), or open it on your Kobo eReader. Don’t have a Kobo? Stop by the shop this week and check them out. There’s hands-down the best eReader on the market, and we don’t just think that because we sell them; we sell them because we think that.







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