Meet Sri, Coffee Thug

I’m going to steal your hearts & sell you coffee!


We’re happy to announce our first official hire! Sri isn’t really the bully he looks like in this picture (it was just the funniest pic I found on his Facebook), but he is quite serious about coffee.


Sri’s one of those people you just instantly like. He’s knowledgable without being a know-it-all, he’s friendly and genuine, he’s a fantastic person and a loyal friend. He also happens to love coffee, and he talks about it in a way that makes you love it even more, too.


Like Cal and I, Sri worked at the Crestline store. Cal trained Sri to be a barista, Cal trained me to be a barista, then Sri trained me in a management class about coaching your own manager … so, in essence, Sri trained me to train Cal. Did you get at that? Yeah, I’m lost too.


Anyway, the point is, Sri has eight years experience in coffee customer service, both at Starbucks and at La Reunion. And he worked at the Crestline store with Cal, so he already knows a lot of our customers.


We’re so lucky and happy to have Sri on our team. He’s moving back to Birmingham from New Orleans to join us at the end of June, so stop by and say hello!

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