Monday Morning and the Search for Meaning

There’s nothing like a Monday morning to make us question life. What does it all mean? Is there a point to this? Skip just one cup of coffee, and suddenly you’re in the middle of an existential crisis.

And that’s when The Philosophy Book, a primer on philosophical ideas and thinkers, comes in handy. It sounds basic, and maybe even boring, but it’s actually clear, readable, and pretty fascinating. Graphics, design and bold, splashy colors work with the text to make the concepts more interesting and understandable. Graphs and illustrations mean visual learners will relate to this book as much as word nerds will.

One of the most unique parts of The Philosophy Book are its “In Context” sidebars that show where each philosopher fits in chronologically with other thinkers and with different time periods and events — it’s a key elementof philosophy that even college professors are likely to miss.

This book’s packed with information, but it’s all presented in a fun, accessible way, and it’s all in short chunks (most philosophies are limited to a couple of pages). Keep it on your desk at work and switch your smoke break for ten minutes of philosophical respite — you’ll be making sense of Monday mornings and the meaning of life in no time.



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